New features coming up this year

As we released our initial offering of version 1.0 Certificate Lifecycle Management in late July 2022, we are continuing to extend our offering with new features coming up later this year with 2.0 version upgrade.

Our version has been upgraded a few times to 1.1.1 which has a few new features as well as a few minor bugs fixed. Our next version comes with ACME compatible certificate renewal, initially in Azure Web App platform, which is to be extended further in future.

More features to come up in later releases are SMS alerting, more scheduling options and flavors of subscription allows our customers to further extend the monitoring and renewing to thousands of endpoints and certificates whereas now they are still limited. We are striving for on-premises agents as well as online agents to be improved with more options on certificate policies and actions when unsatisfactory certificates are met. Different certificates, such as SSH, S/MIME and others are to follow.

What are the functionalities your organization would value the most? Please let us know and write to us at

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