Azure Storage TLS changes: Intermediate certificate renewals

The following blog contains important information about TLS certificate changes for Azure Storage endpoints that may impact client connectivity.

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"Your connection to this site is not secure."


Every user who spends time online even a little more regularly has surely come across the rude message. When a user opens a page with an unencrypted connection, today's browsers immediately notify. At the same time, Google penalizes sites that cannot find the certificate in question in its search results.

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Post-quantum algorithm vulnerable to side channel attacks

Researchers in Sweden say they have found a way to break a specific implementation of CRYSTALS-Kyber, one of a handful of “post-quantum” public key encryption algorithms chosen to underpin future U.S. government encryption standards.

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Microsoft WinGet package manager failing from expired SSL certificate

Starting late evening hours of Saturday, Windows users began reporting issues when attempting to install or upgrade apps via WinGet.

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Malware Attack on CircleCI Engineer's Laptop Leads to Recent Security Incident

DevOps platform CircleCI on Friday disclosed that unidentified threat actors compromised an employee's laptop and leveraged malware to steal their two-factor authentication-backed credentials to breach the company's systems and data last month.

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